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Landisville Intermediate Center: Newspaper Article

Newspaper Research

You will be using this guide to research a topic and write a newspaper article about. 


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Use this database to research topics.

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Research Topics

·     John Dickinson

·     Stamp Act

·     Townshend Acts

·     Boycott of British goods

·     Benjamin Franklin

·     Boston Tea Party

·     First Continental Congress

·     Samuel Adams

·     Colonial Life (clothes, jobs, homes)

·     King George III

·     Loyalists

·     Patriots

·     Paul Revere

·     Second Continental Congress

·     Continental Army

·     George Washington

·     Thomas Paine

·     Thomas Jefferson

·     Declaration of Independence

·     Betsy Ross

·     The Liberty Bell

·     Articles of Confederation

·     James Forten

·     Esther de Berdt Reed

·     Molly Pitchers

·     Brandywine

·     Germantown

·     Lancaster

·     York

·     Wyoming Massacre

·     Valley Forge

·     Anthony Wayne

·     Yorktown, Virginia

·     Treaty of Paris 1783